After the evaluation, anamnesis and approval of our doctors, a nurse will go to your home for the infusion of IV vitamins. Whether you have an illness, or are going through a time of exhaustion, stress, or simply to feel better and increase your energy levels. This therapy consists of injecting a quantity of vitamins and minerals intravenously, at home and in approximately one hour. Its direct injection into the bloodstream prevents passage through the digestive system and its loss of properties. Therefore, all supplements have 100% bioavailability.

We have different cocktails according to the state of each client: antioxidants, deep hydration, Myers cocktail, chelation therapy, M.I.T.O (multivitamin)….to which drugs can be added according to the client's symptoms: antiemetics, analgesics, anxiolytics…
Healthy living and feeling good is so important. IV Vitamins Drips can help! We offer a personalized and comfortable service to come to your home and infuse vitamins directly into your bloodstream, ensuring that you get the nutrients you need to feel better.

Do not hesitate and strengthen your defenses!